About Spindles in the Wild and Patti Beaumont

I’ve been playing with fiber arts for 25+ years including a 6 year stint as an indie dyer. Along the way, I’ve demonstrated fiber arts, created hands on fiber arts workshops, and taught spinning, dyeing, and knitting to people of all ages.

This online journal and project book is a place for me to share some of my explorations. I love all of the steps that come together in fiber arts- from working with the plants and animals, to building tools, to creating finished pieces. I’ve documented many of the projects here, including recipes, patterns, and technique walkthroughs. If you want to see the photos of the smaller projects that don’t make it on to this site, you can keep an eye on my instagram: spindlesinthewild

I am frequently out and about on the trails and scenic spots in Central New York. If you see me out with my spinning, weaving, and/or dyeing, please stop and say hi!