Into the Wilds of Fiber Arts

A Guide to Spindles in the Wild

In the menu, you’ll find I’ve split things into categories:


 I’ve sorted some of my larger projects into project categories.  You can go directly to a particular project by moving through the projects menu off of the main menu bar.

Here you’ll find project notes, pictures, and videos related to my hands on work.   I’ll edit out parts that run long, but all trainwrecks will be left in for your entertainment.

I share my smaller, quick projects and snapshots of larger projects in progress.  If I fall down a rabbit hole of small projects that come together under one heading ( such as sami weaving),  I will eventually move the information and photos over to the project page area..

Solar Dyeing:

Solar dyeing is a passion for me, so there’s a whole section set aside just for that.  You’ll find solar oven plans, dye recipes, gardening info, and more here.  This is an area in progress, but I’ll fill in info as I can.

Scenic Views: 

Videos and photos of spindles and wheels out in the world.
Some videos will be relaxing spin-a-long events with scenic views and music.
Others will be more vlog style and I’ll talk about what I’m spinning, different spinning techniques, and whatever comes to mind.