Adventures in spinning, dyeing, & fleece prep

In the Blog Posts:

Scenic Views: 

Videos and photos of spindles and wheels out in the world.
Some videos will be relaxing spin-a-long events with scenic views and music.
Others will be more vlog style and I’ll talk about what I’m spinning, different spinning techniques, and whatever comes to mind.

Technical Spinning:

Articles and information that I’ve written as I study fiber, dyeing, and spinning.  Some of these posts will have some of math and chemistry in them, but hopefully the explanations are straightforward.    You’ll find the more technical information if you search for blogs tagged technical spinning.

Projects & Info:

Current Projects-

  • Natural Dyeing
    Joe Pye weed- 
    to search use the terms Joe Pye or Natural Dyes
  • Breed Study
    Shetland- Rysa & the 6 skeins-
    to search use the term Rysa

I always have a mess of projects running.  The Blog page will be devoted to pictures, videos, and posts related to my hands on work.   I’ll edit out parts that run long, but there will be no blooper reels.  All trainwrecks will be left in the videos for your entertainment.

This is also where you’ll find notes for workshops I give, build plans for equipment, and recipes for dyes and colorways.  As the site grows, I'[ll create a site map to make it easier to find things.

Solar Dyeing:

Solar dyeing is a passion for me, so there’s a whole section set aside just for that.  You’ll find solar oven plans, dye recipes, and more here.