Spindles in the Wild

Thanks for joining me!

I take my spinning out into the world whenever I can.  People become incredibly enthusiastic seeing fiber arts in progress, and I’m always moved by the stories of grandfathers who knit and aunts who weave.  Fiber arts connect us across the generations.

I wanted to create a space online to help feed that enthusiasm, to offer companionship to fellow fiber lovers, and to provide a window to what daily spinning and fiber processing looks like.

When I look online, I see lots of beautiful spindle and wheel shots.  Fabulous backdrops and fluffy batts in magical colors.  That’s part of it.  But fiber arts isn’t about glamorous photos. Not all tools are handcrafted.  Yes, those are alpaca batts wrapped on paper towel tubes.  And when the sun is out, I’ll use any available surface to dry fleece- including dog pen panels, dish drainers, and bushes.  My pictures won’t always be pretty, but they will show the many different aspects of taking fiber to finished project.

Discoveries happen when knowledge and theory meet in practice.

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