The Muness Shawl

Big Project, Small Footprint The Muness Shawl pattern by Sharon Miller is simply put: amazing. It's amazingly beautiful. Amazingly complex. Amazingly out of my comfort zone. Covid has reared it's ugly head again (re-reared? re-re-reared?) Bob is still working in the studio. Construction is still delayed for my folk's house. I needed a project that… Continue reading The Muness Shawl

Shetland Bound Shawl

This poor semi-felted braid was set aside for a few years, waiting to become dryer balls.I grabbed it for car/beach spinningIt didn't really want to become yarn, but I got a bit stubborn about itIt took the better part of a year to spinIt lived in a bag in the backseat of the car, so… Continue reading Shetland Bound Shawl