Fleece to Fashion, knitting, Muness shawl, Spinning

Big Project, Small Footprint

The Muness Shawl pattern by Sharon Miller is simply put: amazing.

It’s amazingly beautiful. Amazingly complex. Amazingly out of my comfort zone.

Covid has reared it’s ugly head again (re-reared? re-re-reared?) Bob is still working in the studio. Construction is still delayed for my folk’s house. I needed a project that won’t explode across the house which I am sharing with three adults. Three adults who like the option of sitting in chairs, cooking in the kitchen, and eating at the dining table.

So- processing my 2021 flax inside- nope. Weaving my sample sail at a loom in Bob’s temporary office- nope. Spinning up Berta’s flax using distaff and saxony wheel- nope. I needed something that could fit in a small carry-on bag, not add to clean up, and that could be temporarily exploded and then tucked away as needed. A unicorn project- tiny, neat, and challenging. Also- something that would hit up the happiness receptors in my brain because I feel pretty well blenderized by 2020 & 2021.

In November, I started messing around with samples for the Muness Shawl. In December, my holiday cookie & fudge addled brain latched on to making an heirloom knitting project as a 365 day project. Never mind that I’m 53 and have never completed a 365 project. New year, new tears. (I don’t think that’s how that goes- but it it may come to that if this all goes sideways!) I’m knitting the Muness Shawl from handspun. Suffice to say, it is January 6th, and I am just now getting the first blog post written. That bodes well…

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