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Muness Shawl: Building my Supervillain Skills

swatching and not loving the results The edging on the Muness Shawl is a simple 12 row eyelet pattern that blocks into points It's just enough that you have to keep an eye on when to zig and when to zag, but not enough to keep your attention. Which means I've had 35 points worth… Continue reading Muness Shawl: Building my Supervillain Skills

Fleece to Fashion

Sonrae Sweater and Stash Busting

I know many people make a horrified face at the idea of knitting a sweater in fingering and sportweight yarn, but for me, the finished garment is worth it. The weight is perfect for around the house. Comfy without the bulk. Warm without being too hot. Perfect to wear under a winter coat when walking.… Continue reading Sonrae Sweater and Stash Busting

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Muness Shawl: The Big Swatch

Swatching spun yarn, swatching needle sizes, and swatching for yarn consumption- this project is all about swatching. Step One: Swatching yarn. I created different yarns to test- some semiworsted, others worsted. The goal was fine yarn with some loft and a faint halo. I tried BFL, cormo, merino, and shetland top. My BFL spun nicely… Continue reading Muness Shawl: The Big Swatch

Fleece to Fashion, knitting, Muness shawl, Spinning

Big Project, Small Footprint

The Muness Shawl pattern by Sharon Miller is simply put: amazing. It's amazingly beautiful. Amazingly complex. Amazingly out of my comfort zone. Covid has reared it's ugly head again (re-reared? re-re-reared?) Bob is still working in the studio. Construction is still delayed for my folk's house. I needed a project that won't explode across the… Continue reading Big Project, Small Footprint