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Muness Shawl: Building my Supervillain Skills

swatching and not loving the results

The edging on the Muness Shawl is a simple 12 row eyelet pattern that blocks into points It’s just enough that you have to keep an eye on when to zig and when to zag, but not enough to keep your attention. Which means I’ve had 35 points worth of edging to think about whatever crosses my mind. I have another 26 points to go on this panel- and then another 183 points after that. That’s a lot of singing along to whatever comes up next on my pandora station. There’s always audio books and audio plays to keep me occupied. But, this whole project is encapsulated by the “small footprint” requirement- which means I carry it in a little basket to whatever space is available. That space may not have a speaker or may have other people who aren’t interested in hearing Episode 4 of the Diary of River Song. Unfortunately, after an hour of so, I can’t stand my earphones. Galaxy buds, I’m looking at you!

When I knit something that requires just a little attention and don’t have a distraction, I drop into that weird meditative state where I ponder “did I leave the oven on? at what point does a crepe become a pancake? what did I click on that would make the ad algorithm think I might want a convertible auger/plant stand?” If I was a supervillain, this would be the perfect time to plot taking over the world. I don’t aspire to world domination, so instead I think about ways I could calculate the rpms of our windspinner and what the root system looks like in our 5′ tall strawberry tower.

Worth noting, the tower is actually 1/2 of a pyramid, so it seems like that should summon at least half of a strawberry god- or a demigod- if I put some sort of crystal capstone on the top. If the plural of pyramidion is pyramidia, what would we call 1/2 of a pyramidion? Half a pyramid is a frustrum. So half of a pyramidion could be a frustrumion? Maybe a hemipyramidion?

Bob calls this my “do worms have bones” brain. Some people talk in their sleep. I ask urgent, perplexing questions- much like a toddler now that I think about it. FWIW- No, worms don’t have bones. They have hydrostatic skeletons. Setae aren’t bones- not even at 3 in the morning.

Where was I? Knitting. I’m on point 35 out of 244 if I am counting the entire edging. Maybe I should reconsider the whole world domination plan- at least as a thought exercise. Here is a gallery of my progress recently:

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